We're thankful for the reviews received over time.  People have a lot of great things to say about us.   Here are just a few samples.   Let's add you to the list...

Jerry Rau
Director, Global Accounts and Strategic IoT Solutions Sales at Wind River
Naeem consulted on a number of business development projects during my tenure at Numetrics. He has an entrepreneurial mindset in which anything is possible and the creativity to quickly come up with solutions to all challenges. Best of all, Naeem's capable strategic thinking and years of experience are complemented by the ability to "get things done" even when much of the team executing is half way around the world. He keeps the ball moving forward.

Dilip Saraf
LinkedIn's Top Re-Invention Guru: Career Coaching & Leadership Development at its Best!
I attended Naeem's presentation on "Essential Homework Each Enterpreneur Must Do," hosted by the TiE Institute yesterday. Presenting to a large crowd, in just three hours, Naeems distilled his decades of knowledge AND wisdom in delivering material that he presents during a semester at Haas. He had a tough audience, yet despite their persistent questions and curve balls, he was able to stay on track and complete his planned presentation. A remarkable feat! Thank you, Naeem

Sanjeev Kumar
VP of Technology & Innovation at Atypon
We consulted with Naeem in his capacity as a Startup Advisor. The Deep Dive session with him was very enlightening and we got a whole new business perspective along with concrete action items on the ideas that we were pursuing at that time. I would highly recommend Naeem's Deep Dive sessions, especially to other Techie Entrepreneurs who do not have an MBA or a prior business background.

Michael S. Chimenti
Structural biophysics and computational chemistry
I was fortunate to be in the audience when Naeem came to UCSF to teach several sessions of the famous Idea-2-IPO course. Of all of the speakers, Naeem was by far the most engaging and most effective teacher. He backed up his teachings with years of real-world experience and a polished presentation style that kept everyone engaged and learning. He also gave away a ton of free information, including eBooks for people just starting in the startup world. I can't recommend Naeem as a startup advisor highly enough!

Tania Marinich
CEO BEL.BIZ  Minsk Belarus 
BEL.BIZ, organizer of Global Entrepreneurship Week Belarus, had honor to have Rick Rasmussen as GEW Belarus speaker in November 2013. Rick participated in a panel discussion on accelerators development in Europe and the US. He brought in international perspective of startups development and acceleration. Rick also provided local entrepreneurs with a master-class on growing an international venture. He mentored BEL.BIZ Battle participants and acted as a judge at the competition.
BEL.BIZ recommends Rick as a perfect fit to international entrepreneurship and innovation development programs as his global vision, ability to understand local mentality and entrepreneurial culture, great experience help such programs have the highest impact on the development of entrepreneurial communities.

Mr. Frunzik Vozkanyan 
National Project Coordinator National Project Coordinator
The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for Startups in Armenia, UNIDO

The Workforce and Entrepreneurship Development team of USAID Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness Project in Armenia developed a project seeking to sustainably promote entrepreneurship and startups development in Armenia and for the purpose we invited an expert from Silicon Valley - Mr. Richard Rasmussen.
Mr. Rasmussen visited Armenia twice. During the first visit he had meetings with all entrepreneurship related organizations, research centers, and educational institutions and based on the meetings, discussions and analysis he developed a strategy on how more effectively to promote entrepreneurship and startups development in Armenia; he suggested to develop entrepreneurship centers within universities to promote entrepreneurial and innovative thinking among youth and promote enhanced cooperation between the university centers and other entrepreneurship related organizations including labs, accelerators, incubators, etc.
During his second visit Mr. Rasmussen developed an entrepreneurship course for teaching entrepreneurship at universities and he conducted two training for trainers for lecturers and experts from universities and from entrepreneurship related organization from around Armenia.
I believe Mr. Rasmussen did a highly professional work in Armenia; bringing new fresh view and thinking on entrepreneurship and startup development. His work was highly evaluated by all local experts and the model he suggested proved to be highly effective in case of Armenia. Without any reservation I highly recommend Mr. Rasmussen.  

Tim Sanchez
Finance Executive, NYSE
Rick was a dynamic leader that organized, expanded, and gave direction to a newly funded start-up. He brought his years of experience to help shore up a founding team that was in need of leadership. He showed a comprehensive, current and detailed understanding of the industry and the technology behind it. His ethical standards are second to none.

Coby Schneider
Visionary IP Strategist, IP Lawyer and Creative Thinker
Rick is awesome! We worked together on Federal Trade Commission Bootcamps across Canada in the IT and Cleantech sector...Rick is amazing, highly intelligent, fun to work with, has great personality and fabulous networking skills... Rick managed these Canadian bootcamps which accessed international markets extremely well...This was a huge international endeavour with many personalities, speakers and hundreds of companies...difficult to manage yet a huge success...Rick is a pleasure to work with, larger than life and I would recommend him very very highly.

Todd Fitch
Technology Professional & University Professor
I was fortunate to be able to work with Rick on a number of projects during our program. He's very intelligent and insightful and his broad knowledge and background was instrumental to our success on projects from Marketing to Economics. He easily flows between technical and non-technical subjects and has the unique ability to explain anything to anyone in terms and concepts that they would understand. I was continually amazed by Rick's ability to frame discussions at a high level and cover the important points, yet also have a firm grasp of the nitty-gritty details that went into the high level discussion. I would absolutely work with Rick anytime on any project. If you have the opportunity to work with him, take it.

Sean Silas
MBA graduate from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, CA
President & CEO

Naeem went far beyond the role of mentor as he advised me on my new business idea. Not only did he provide timely advice and strategic direction, but he also connected my team with key investors. Naeem is also a sincere person who genuinely wants to see others succeed.