Concordia Ventures works with organizations and companies to deliver Silicon Valley Immersion Experience, Innovation Bootcamps as well as iindividual consulting and training.  We are a strategy development, education and advisory firm.  We work with our clients to design custom program that meet their needs.  Below are some of our more popular programs. Programs can be designed to include, space, instructions, lodging and transportation

  • 2-Day Innovation Workshop
  • 3-day Executive Silicon Valley Immersion
  • 5-7 Day Silicon Valley Boot camp for entrepreneurs and executives
  • 4-6 Weeks Intensive Onsite Startup Experience
  • 3 month Immersion and Business Development Program

Over the past 12 years, we have worked with hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs, from over 20 countries, ensuring their success and help them achieve market traction.  We provide guidance and expertise focused on how they will grow their revenue, deliver expert training and presentation coaching.  And all through the process, we help entrepreneurs avoid the ever present roadblocks found on the startup journey.    

Our experiential education programs, Silicon Valley Boot Camps and Immersion Weeks provide entrepreneurs, government leaders, and students with a comprehensive connection to and understanding of the key themes and issues of today’s business and Silicon Valley methods and culture.

We have served delegations from Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia, Singapore, China, Armenia, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Japan, Belarus, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, Korea, Holland and many more.