Concordia Ventures is an advisory and consulting firm based in Silicon Valley.  

Our Mission is simple:  Education, Structured Programming and Investment.   With hands-on experience in starting numerous companies, raising capital, and creating profitable exits, we have been conducting seminars and teaching about entrepreneurship and startup methods for several years.

We work with Governments, International Development Agencies, Universities, Accelerators and more.   Professional enties all looking to make connections and better understand the Silicon Valley ecosystem.  


Why Concordia Ventures?

Concordia is the latin word for harmony, literally "with (one) heart". It was the name of the Roman goddess of agreement, understanding, and harmony.

A British mountaineer, John Frederick Hardy, gave the name Concordia to the convergence of several glaciers in the Bernese Alps in the Swiss canton of Valais., the name Place de la Concorde of Nature.  The name Concordia was then given to other places where two or more glaciers meet or large glaciated areas, such as Concordia in the Karakoram of Pakistan and Concordia Station in Antarctica.

In Pakistan, Corcordia is the gateway to some of the highest peaks in the world. Four of the world's fourteen "eight-thousanders" are located here.  This is truly where you learn to climb mountains.                 

In ancient Roman religion, Concordia is the goddess who embodies agreement in marriage and society. Her Greek equivalent is usually regarded as Harmonia, with musical harmony a metaphor for an ideal of social concord or entente in the political discourse of the Republican era. She was thus often associated with Pax ("Peace") in representing a stable society.