Concordia Ventures

We are an international strategy advisory firm that brings the Silicon Valley method of innovation and entrepreneurship to organizations anywhere in the world.  We design and deliver workshops, boot camps and tailored projects for our clients to learn and immerse themselves into what we have learned and practiced over the last 20+ years working and living in the entrepreneurial capital of the world.


We design Silicon Valley Immersion Bootcamp and provide workshops that range from a single day to several weeks that allow visitors from all over the world to truly experience what has made this valley a bastion of innovation and startups.  We deliver these programs that can be customer designed anywhere in the world where our clients demand. We also do strategy development for raising capital, and entering new markets with new partnerships and hiring and retaining the right talent




Our team has been working and living in Silicon Valley for decades and have vast networks.  We are educators and have been teaching and world’s leading universities the topic of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  We have started companies and have multiple successful exits.  We are eager to share our knowledge with our clients and help our clients and their companies to step on a path towards a more prosperous and fulfilling future.